Why Tattoo Equipment Is an Investment

Woman being tattooed on the side of the wrist with a gloved person using tattoo equipment.

Over the next decade, the tattoo industry is expected to expand by a substantial 8% every single year. On average, Americans squander $1.65 billion annually on tattoos alone! Are you thinking of opening a tattoo shop, but don’t know where to start?

Investing in the right tattoo equipment is key to creating perfect tattoos. Great artists invest not only in quality equipment. They will also take knowledge and advice from experienced colleagues. It’s important to look for reliable suppliers who can provide you with reliable hardware and keep you on top of your game.

Quality materials mean higher safety standards for your clients. There are fewer complications during the process. This includes less repair work after healing, smoother lines, and crisper shading effects.

If you’re thinking of opening a tattoo shop, learn why investing top quality tattoo supplies is an asset to your business. Read on to discover more.

The Importance of Good Tattoo Equipment

If you’re dedicated to making a career out of tattoo artistry, then stepping up your game and investing in quality tools is essential.

Despite its artful design, an inexperienced person lacking the proper training and tools cannot create a tattoo as impressive as it could be. For example, cheap tattoo needles often use low-grade materials. These are often from recycled parts that can lead to poor performance and ineffective results.

The Top Tattoo Equipment Investments

To make sure that you succeed as a tattoo artist, it’s important to invest in the best tool possible. Investing in top-notch tattoo supplies as well as mastering sterilization protocols is important. Also, understanding cutting-edge tattoo design methods will help you excel in your profession.
Here are the top pieces of equipment we recommend investing in:

Sterilization Equipment

At a tattoo parlor, the importance of sanitization is paramount to prevent any contamination from ink or needles. This becomes especially critical if the skin area still needs to be disinfected and sterilized.


When it comes to tattoos, having the right needle for your style is essential.

Different kinds of tattoo needles are necessary for various tattoo types; and not just that. A good quality sharps container will also help protect you from any potential needle-pokes. It will also help contain and prevent dispersing of unnecessary substances.

Medical Supplies

Tattoo artists should invest in high-quality cleaning and medicinal supplies. From masks to dental bibs, along with disinfectants, these items are indispensable necessities. Moreover, when it comes to the safety standards involved here. No compromise is acceptable!

Tattooing involves working with bodily fluids. Therefore it’s essential to take precautions against illness and contamination.

Tattoo Machine

When it comes to selecting the perfect tattoo machine for your needs, knowledge of its components is essential.

Whether you choose a rotary, coil, or pneumatic option, each has different benefits which will influence your style of work.

Bear in mind that when it comes to tattoos, quality should never be compromised. Cheap machines can lead to poor results and an unprofessional finish.

Tattoo Ink

Ink is a fundamental part of the tattoo process, and it’s your choice and preference that determine which ink to use. Options and specific features, such as being organic or vegan-friendly may sway your choice.

Skimping on cheap ink options will likely result in subpar artwork or even infection.

Tattooing Chair

A high-quality tattooing chair can provide comfort and stability while working. This will improve your performance and reduce potential risks.

A good tattooing chair should provide ergonomic support. This includes enough back support and cushion to help maintain correct posture while working. It should also be adjustable in height, width, tilt angle, and armrests so you can customize it for the best comfort level possible.


Stencils are an indispensable tool when it comes to tattooing. They not only provide accuracy and speed up the process but also act as a guide and prevent potential misalignments.

By using good quality stencils, you can unleash your creative prowess. They also help to bring your client’s vision to life precisely how they imagined it.

Other Investments for Your Tattoo Studio

To ensure your safety and well-being, it is critical to maintain adequate ventilation when working in tight areas. This will help you prevent dizziness or disorientation that can be caused by insufficient air circulation.

Accomplishing great artwork without fully illuminated surroundings is nearly impossible. To create your best work and ensure you have proper lighting in your workspace. You might even want adjustable lamps as well as overhead lighting.

To ensure maximum productivity, your workspace should be kept neat and tidy. This will prevent distractions that can cause you to lose precious minutes searching for misplaced items. Invest in adequate storage and have a system in place to maintain cleanliness and organization.

To tattoo at an optimal speed and accuracy, you also want to think about the right power supply. Even if your gun is designed to operate independently, plugging it into a reliable external source will allow for more efficient work.

Choosing a Tattoo Machine

It’s essential to experiment with numerous tattoo machines and find one that fits your hand comfortably. Some machines come in varied grip options, providing several size choices. There is no single machine suitable for everyone, so trial and error are key.

Here are some things you should think about:

Material of the Machine

If you are looking for a reliable and consistently high-performing tattoo machine, then opt for one made from iron, steel, brass, bronze, or aluminum models.

Their sturdy frames ensure that you won’t have to waste time tinkering with them before getting started on your artwork. Aluminum is great if lightweightness appeals more to you while brass offers the most durability but at a higher weight tradeoff.

Shape and Weight

If you’re using a tattoo machine that is too heavy, your hand will tire out quickly, and it may be difficult to apply fine detail or shift angles. Moreover, over time this could cause carpal tunnel syndrome. This ailment is, unfortunately, a common issue in the tattoo world.

Types of Tattoo GunS

Another consideration is the type of tattoo machine you want to use. Here are some different opinions you may want to go for.

Coil Tattoo Guns

Historically, traditional coil machines have been the standard within the tattoo industry. Their straightforward electromagnetic design with interchangeable parts and affordability make them a top choice for artists.

They can easily accommodate any type of needle used in lining or shading and require just basic tools to adjust hit and stroke.

Rotary Tattoo Guns

Long known for only managing small needle groupings. However, rotary tattoo machines have recently been revolutionized with the advent of pen-style variations.

These ergonomic and lightweight devices offer increased control over bold linework like never before.

Although these machines don’t provide room for manual tinkering, some of the more advanced models offer customization of hit and stroke.

Unfortunately, this convenience does come at a price. These machines tend to be far pricier than their coil counterparts, usually costing two to three times as much.

Wireless Tattoo Guns

Thanks to revolutionary battery technology, wireless tattoo machines have become a desirable option for many tattoo artists. This is not only because of their convenience but also due to their ever-growing popularity in the industry.

Tattoo guns that use wires can be quite troublesome due to the restrictions of the cords and foot pedals. For many artists, maneuvering between these pieces of equipment becomes a hurdle when trying to create their desired tattoo design.

Wireless tattoo guns have become so innovative that they are just as functional and efficient as their wired counterparts. The best ones feature a long-lasting battery life, these machines can handle even the lengthiest of sessions.

How to Know if You’re Buying Quality Tattoo Equipment

Make sure to read reviews on the various products available so you can find out which ones offer the best performance. Before making any purchases, always look for warranties as an assurance of quality and longevity with the product.

It’s also a good idea to purchase your equipment from authorized distributors only so that you know the items you are purchasing are genuine and reliable.

You may want to get advice by reaching out to other tattoo artists and taking their recommendations into account.

Looking To Buy Tattoo Equipment?

As you’ve just read, investing in quality tattoo equipment is important for anyone to ensure their success as a tattoo artist. From using top-quality equipment to wondering which machine to invest in, all of it will count towards your success.

If you need help selecting the perfect piece of equipment for your shop, reach out to Florida Tattoo Academy. Our knowledgeable team will have all the answers to any questions you might have about starting a successful career as a tattoo artist. Contact us to get started today!