Tattoo Instructor Geno Orta

Geno Orta

Tattoo Instructor

Johnny Maggard

Johnny Maggard

Lead Tattoo Instructor

Your Career Awaits

Florida Department of Education

Our credentials say it all: Florida Tattoo Academy is currently the only licensed Tattoo & Piercing School by the Florida Department of Education in the entire Tampa Bay area…

Success Starts Here

Our numbers say it all: 70% of our graduating students in 2019 received job offers within weeks of course completion and the demand for our artists keeps growing. To date, the lineup of local and out of state studios who are looking for our ​up-and-coming tattoo artists and body piercers has grown to over 20 locations. Although no one can guarantee you a specific job placement, we currently have studios in the following cities looking forward to our students applying with them upon their graduation!…

Tampa, FL – Orlando, FL – New Port Richey, FL – Largo, FL
Indian Rocks, FL – Tarpon Springs, FL – Las Vegas, NV – Greensboro, NC