Tattoo Instructor Geno Orta

Tattoo Instructor – Tarpon Springs, FL

Geno Orta

Geno is from New York City and began drawing at an extremely young age. His love and passion for illustrating kept him away from the negative influences that surrounded him way too often growing up allowing him to become the artist he is today.

Inspired by Paul Booth, Geno began to study his work using pictures in tattoo magazines as his source of references to begin his career in tattooing. Within a 2 year period Geno developed a deeper understanding of the craft and set his focus on black and grey realism which was the style that inspired him from the beginning.

Fast forward 15 years and many industry accolades later, Geno started on a new path as one of the head instructors with Florida Tattoo Academy to give back to aspiring tattoo artists who want to not only learn the craft correctly but hopefully reach even higher heights than Geno himself…

Geno’s Work