What’s next after you have requested a tattoo class brochure?

It’s time to schedule a tour and see our beautiful Tarpon Springs or Orlando campus!

Schedule a time to visit the Florida Tattoo Academy in person. If you need any special accommodations, please contact us and we will do our best to arrange a time.

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Why I should schedule a tour to see the Florida Tattoo Academy?

Considering to embark on a new career is a big decision. Setting up a tour is a way for you to get many of your questions answered as well as get a feel for what it would be like to attend the Florida Tattoo Academy and one day become a professional tattoo artist.

Many of our potential students have come across our tattoo school because they are at a crossroads in their life. They have often tried various non-artistic jobs and have not been able to find a career where they have been able to really excel. They are searching for meaningful work, something they can get passionate about, something with a purpose.

During the tour you will see how we run our classes. You will notice that our classes are much different than a traditional college. We have found that many of our students do not learn the same way that is currently taught at large schools.

Most of our students, including ourselves, learn best in a small class environment with lots of hands-on experience. Many traditional educational environments today rely heavily on lecturing and reading to teach content. This method is effective for some but many students are not able to excel in this environment, particularly artists.

Our goal during the tour is first conduct an interview to make sure that being a tattoo artist would be a good fit for you and then to let you see how we run the school as well as some of our current students and teachers art work.

What’s included with my tuition at Florida Tattoo Academy?

  • 200 hours of hands on instruction through a state licensed curriculum
  • All instructors have 10+ year’s experience in industry
  • Fundamentals of proper and safe tattooing is taught
  • Learn to build your own tattoo machines
  • Sterile setups/breakdowns of tattoo stations and overall proper sterilization techniques are taught
  • Special CPR class is included to teach you how understand and look for possible emergencies with your clients during sessions
  • Florida Tattoo license will be granted upon successful completion of class 
  • Real client tattooing experience for last 60 hours of course curriculum to build portfolio
  • Guidance on industry job searching and interview do’s & don’ts
  • Continual assistance at our studios to sharpen skill set after graduation until job is acquired

In the world of tattooing word of mouth is the best way to get business and build your reputation and brand. 

Having a good foundation before you start building your brand is key. Florida Tattoo Academy is designed to give you that foundation in Tattooing so you can quickly begin a successful career as a tattoo artist.