Start Your Career as a Tattoo Artist at Florida Tattoo Academy.

Florida Tattoo Academy is proud to be a VA-approved tattoo school. Our military tattoo school is founded and run by tattoo artists. All our students have access to training that will assist them in delivering masterpieces to their clients.

We accept GI benefits and other VA benefits at our tattoo academy. This means you may qualify to have your GI benefits cover the tuition of our school. To see if you qualify, fill out our online form, and one of our representatives will contact you. You’ll need to provide documentation of your eligibility.

For military veterans, this will include a certificate of eligibility and your DD-214. For military dependents, you’ll need to provide the Department of Defense authorization for transferred benefits and a certificate of eligibility.

If you’ve applied for benefits but haven’t received your certificate yet, don’t worry. You can provide us with a copy of your application.

Comprehensive Tattoo Education 

Our Essential Tattoo Course is an 11-week intensive training program. It focuses on all areas of tattoo artistry. During the first week of training, students will learn about the history of tattoos.

They’ll also get familiar with skin modification tools and trends. Additionally, students will learn about ancient tattoo practices across various continents throughout history.

During the first week of the course, students will learn about the history of modern electronic tattooing. Course information will also pinpoint key figures in contemporary tattoo culture.

As the course continues, students will learn about art styles from different eras and cultures. They’ll get the opportunity to practice their art skills on paper. They’ll also start placing tattoos on human skin using markers.

Students will also receive their Blood Borne Pathogen certifications. Our instructors will also cover sanitation and safety during this portion.

Our course will also teach our students business management and customer service skills. Once the training is complete, our students will be prepared to deliver exceptional services to their clients.

The curriculum in our course is designed to get our students comfortable tattooing on human skin. Students will leave the course feeling confident to start their tattooing careers.

Why Choose Florida Tattoo Academy 

Florida Tattoo Academy is the only tattoo school licensed by the Florida Department of Education in the Tampa Bay area. We believe in serving all students that are interested in tattoo artistry. Our main requirement for our students is a desire and passion for honing their skills as an artist.

Our instructors care about helping our students get licenses and degrees. We also strive to help our students become the best artists they can be.

Our mission is to help students on their path to becoming world-class tattoo artists. We want our students to learn how to take their client’s dreams and turn them into beautiful artwork.

Attend our School for Free with your GI Benefits

Fill out our online form to learn more about our VA-approved tattoo school and to see if your GI benefits will cover the full cost of our tattoo school.

Military Student – Tattoo School Information Request

The tattoo economy is estimated to be a whopping 1.5 billion dollar industry and growing 13% annually. Demand for artists is higher than ever, even with the 21,000+ tattoo parlors in the U.S.

There are a ton of resources out there to learn how to tattoo, but many aren’t approved and licensed by the state.

Attending the wrong course, schooling, or even apprenticeship could leave you without a license (a waste of time + money!)

At Florida Tattoo Academy, you are attending a trade school licensed by the Florida Department of Education.

70% of our graduating students in 2021 received job offers within weeks of course completion and the demand for our artists keeps growing.