Is Florida Tattoo Academy like an apprenticeship?

No, this is a licensed tattoo school taught by professional tattooists and body piercers that will require your strict attendance to graduate and receive your certification. Unlike a tattoo apprenticeship, which often takes between 1-2 years to complete with no guarantees you are even being taught all of the necessary skills, Florida Tattoo Academy teaches you everything required to begin your professional career.

What are the enrollment requirements?

To be eligible for enrollment in our school you must be a minimum of 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED (or pass a Wonderlic test) and be proficient in English. Although not required, it is highly recommended that you have a basic understanding of drawing principles and a passion for art.

How many students are in each class?

We are very strict on our classroom sizes to ensure the best possible learning environment for our students. Our student-to-teacher ratio will never exceed 8 students per teacher in a class.

Will I be licensed when I finish the course?

Yes, upon passing the course, you will be 100% licensed in the state of Florida to begin your new career as a tattoo artist and/or body piercer. If you are attending our school from out of state, you must check with your local state office and/or health department on what your state requires for licensure. Upon completion of our course, you will be provided with your transcript of accredited hours and certification of completion.

Do you offer student housing options?

Yes, we offer students multiple housing options with nearby residences that accommodate numerous students per semester. We even have a housing option that is within walking distance of the school for those who do not have transportation.

What job opportunities will exist upon my completion?

Upon student graduation, job opportunities in the tattoo industry will be abundant as the industry is exploding in growth and popularity. Although we cannot guarantee anyone a job upon graduation, we can offer you insight to job listings throughout the state and provide you with leads to openings through partnerships our school has built with studios nationwide.

Will I actually get to tattoo and/or pierce real people or just on practice skins?

Yes, our classes include working on real people! As a very respected school, we have endless clientele, that under our guidance, allow our students to practice on their bodies to build a strong portfolio to launch their career. Not only are these people available during class hours but also available after graduation for continual practice to perfect their art and techniques.

Does your school offer any scholarships/ financial aid?

Yes. We offer numerous scholarships, specifically for hardship cases. If you are interested in applying, you will need to come in person to discuss the requirements and receive an application. As far as financial aid, we offer private student loans, specifically tailored to our courses. We also have several partnerships with local financial institutions that offer loans to qualified students.

Once licensed, what are my options in the industry?

Once you have successfully completed your school course or apprenticeship and have your state license, your options in the industry are quite numerous. Most tattoo artists are their own boss and set their own schedules (1099 independent contractors).  You can simply find a studio to go work at and get paid a commission percentage per tattoo you do. Typical commission pay for a starting tattoo artist is between 40-50%. Once you have proved yourself capable of good work and customer service your commission can go as high as 60%.  A second option would be for you to rent a booth/station within an existing tattoo shop and keep 100% of your tattoo earnings. This is a great option if you have built a local following for your services or are confident in your marketing skills to gain new customers on your own. A third option is medical tattoos. If you are looking to pursue a career in medical tattooing, please contact us first. Lastly, if you are an entrepreneur at heart, you can simply open your own tattoo studio and be your own boss from the get-go. With all three of these options, your goal should be to continue to learn from your peers within the industry and continue to perfect your skill set.  Keeping up with the latest tattoo trends will keep you at the forefront of the industry and enjoying your prosperous tattoo career for a long time.

Is there an option for continuing my education as a tattoo artist once I am licensed?

Continuing to hone your craft as a professional tattoo artist once you are licensed is readily available. One of the most common options are Tattoo conventions.  They are commonly run in most large cities on a frequent basis. At these conventions there are typically several advanced tattooing technique classes/seminars that are offered at reasonable prices (on average $500 per weekend course) by some of the best tattoo artists in the world. If you have a licensed tattoo school in your state, these short classes and seminars are probably offered there as well.