16 Stunning Watercolor Tattoo Ideas for Females

watercolor tattoo ideas for females

More than 26,000 businesses around the country offer tattoo artist services. The United States alone employs more than 38,000 people in the tattoo industry so that we can enjoy beautiful art on our bodies.

The tattoo industry continues to flourish because it keeps coming up with exciting new offerings. One of the most gorgeous additions to the tattoo world has been improvements to watercolor tattoo techniques.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best watercolor tattoo ideas for females. However, these ideas are also a great way for you to find the inspiration to come up with your own tattoo designs.

The wider the variety of designs you can create, the more customers you might be able to find. Read on to learn all about these stunning watercolor tattoo ideas for females!

1. Favorite Animal Tattoos

As impressive as past tattooing techniques could be, we are in a new era of watercolor tattoo techniques. Tattoo artists learn techniques today that would have shocked industry veterans in decades past. The next time someone asks you for a new tattoo, you might want to help them understand the wide variety of watercolor designs they could enjoy.

Sometimes, animal tattoos are one of the best ways to show off the brilliant colors that watercolor techniques can provide. You might want to think about your own top three favorite animals or ask a client about their own three favorite animals.

Many people feel a certain affinity with their favorite animals and feel that they resemble themselves in deep ways. That can make them excellent choices for tattoos because many people use tattoos to express themselves.

If someone’s favorite animal is a polar bear, that might not lend itself to showing off all of the brilliant colors that watercolor tattoo techniques can provide. However, if someone loves a tiger, a peacock, or another animal with brilliant colors, creating a watercolor tattoo for them might make them happier with the results than anything else!

2. Movie Character Tattoos

Many people also learn a lot from the stories that they consume in movies or television shows. Watching their favorite heroes confront challenges and overcome them can help them figure out how to face their own challenges in life.

If someone has learned a lot from emulating a favorite hero in a movie or television show, that hero might be the right choice for a tattoo. That way, every time that person sees that tattoo on their body, they will remember their aspiration to become a better version of themselves.

Having a constant reminder of a positive example can help people find motivation and energy to persevere when times are difficult. This can apply to actors as well as animated characters.

Some people feel even more sentimental about heroes from movies or shows they watched when they were young. The heroes from animated programs and movies are often full of color, making them another ideal choice for new watercolor tattoo techniques and tools.

3. Traditional Image Tattoos

On the other hand, many people have looked to their ancestors for strength when they face difficult times. Think about your own traditional heritage and the people and symbols that might be associated with your culture. You can also ask your customers for examples of images from their culture or ancestral history that might be meaningful to them.

For example, someone with Asian ancestry might get a lot out of having a pagoda or other piece of traditional architecture or art as a tattoo on their body. Other people might want to have a tattoo of a piece of ceremonial clothing or a religious symbol that meant a lot to one of their grandparents.

At the end of the day, our cultures are full of powerful symbols that are often full of brilliant colors. That can make them a great choice for tattoos that are both beautiful and meaningful.

4. Self-Portrait Tattoos

On the other hand, some people collect a series of symbols and images over a lifetime that they associate with themselves. Sometimes, certain of these symbols relate to their past self, while others relate to their current or future self. Put together, these symbols can act as a kind of self-portrait of the soul.

Many tattoo customers love the idea of combining a variety of symbols that mean something to them to create a unique overall picture. The end result is often something that has never been created in the history of the world and represents them in a unique way that nothing else can.

5. Space Theme Tattoos

Some people develop a deep affinity for space themes as they grow up. They look forward to a future where we have the technology to live on other planets and travel across vast distances. They look up at the night sky and appreciate the incredible possibilities that it represents.

People who have this kind of connection to space might want a watercolor tattoo that features space themes. This can include heavenly bodies like planets and stars.

However, it might also include things like technology. Someone might enjoy having a tattoo of the space shuttle, or of a Pioneer probe.

6. Nature Scene Tattoos

At the end of the day, nature provides an incredible variety of beautiful things that people might like to have as tattoos. You can think about your own favorite flowers or ask about the favorites of your customers. You can consider whole bouquets of flowers as well as bushes, trees, and other beautiful things from nature.

Some people love to have vibrant tattoos featuring a whole series of colorful objects from nature. There is a reason that many watercolor artists focused on creating pastoral scenes from nature. You can take a page out of their book while coming up with tattoo designs for your customers as well.

7. Inspiring Quote Tattoos

In some cases, the most powerful tattoo can be composed of words rather than images. Of course, one of the great things about tattoos is that you can combine both of these things for an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. That goes double with the right use of fonts.

Consider asking your potential clients for some of the words, phrases, or quotes that mean the most to them. One person might want a tattoo that uses the word bravery, while another prefers something like love or harmony.

You might also want to look at collections of famous inspirational quotes. Some people will want tattoos of one of these quotes while others will be able to use such quotes to help them remember other phrases that mean a lot to them. You might even find that some people are interested in creating their own quotes for their tattoos.

8. Mythical Creature Tattoos

Sometimes, people develop a special affinity for a mythical creature. That can be a creature from their culture’s folklore or something that has prominence in today’s culture, like a unicorn or a dragon.

Many art styles depicting mythical creatures have emphasized giving them incredible combinations of colors not seen on any animal in the real world. In some ways, that can even make mythical creatures a better choice for watercolor tattoo designs than real animals.

9. Tattoos of the Recipient’s Child

As tattoo technology improves, it is getting easier to create designs that can do justice to a real person’s face or body. For many people, the most significant thing in their lives is their child. Some people don’t think they will ever get another tattoo until they have the idea of getting one of their child. This can help them enjoy a constant reminder of the proudest achievement of their life.

It can also help them remember how important it is to invest in the future. Many people derive incredible motivation and inspiration from the tattoos of their children.

10. Tattoos of the Recipient’s Significant Other

On the other hand, some people prefer to have tattoos of a romantic partner. These tattoos can feature faces, bodies, or even just the name of the person in question. Tattoos of the recipient’s significant other can help them remember that there is always someone out there who cares for them and wants the best for them.

11. Favorite Place Tattoos

People often have life-changing experiences at special places. Some people go back again and again to a certain place that they feel is their own in some sense. Others revisit special landmarks in their mind and find that they never tire of remembering what they experienced there.

Helping people think about their favorite places can often be a powerful way to help them come up with tattoo design ideas. Some places lend themselves better to watercolor tattoo techniques than others.

For example, the Eiffel Tower does not have much color in it, so it won’t show off everything that a watercolor tattoo can provide. However, you could combine an image of the Eiffel Tower with a colorful background or a sunset if a client is interested in that.

If someone’s favorite location is a place in nature, that can make it easier to provide them with a watercolor tattoo that captures the beauty and the color of that place better than anything else could.

14. Invented Symbol Tattoos

A lot of symbols have provided people with insight and inspiration for hundreds or even thousands of years. Sometimes, the right tattoo for someone might be the flag of their country or the main symbol of their religion. Others might enjoy having a symbol of their favorite holiday.

However, some people also come up with their own symbols. You might have had the experience of a client coming to you with an abstract design they have created that means something special and specific to them. In other cases, you can help clients come up with their own invented symbols if they prefer.

One of the incredible things about inventing symbols is that it is often easier to come up with something unique than you would think. If a simple symbol consists of nothing more than a few lines and circles, it might seem impossible to create something that has not already been created before.

However, many people discover that it is much easier than they expect to come up with a new symbol design that is simple and elegant while still expressing concepts of vital importance to them.

15. Favorite Book Tattoos

Another great source of inspiration for tattoo designs is favorite books. For example, huge numbers of people feel a profound affection for the Harry Potter books.

Someone might want a tattoo of a quote from Dumbledore or an image of a wand or Patronus as a tattoo. Others might want to have a tattoo featuring one or more characters from the stories.

There are a lot of people out there who have tattoos featuring characters or ideas from other stories like Jane Austen’s novels or The Lord of the Rings. One of the great things about these kinds of tattoos is that they help people meet others who are interested in similar things.

16. Video Game Character Tattoos

These days, it is becoming more common than ever for people to consider video games to be a type of art. Some people spend a lot more time playing video games than watching TV or reading books.

Many tattoo customers are interested in tattoos of characters or items from famous video games. Others prefer to have tattoos referencing ideas from less famous video games that have a more personal significance to them as individuals.

Everything in a video game is created by an artist. That means that video game worlds are often chock-full of an incredible variety of options for tattoo design ideas for females. That goes double because more women are playing video games than ever before.

Enjoy Amazing Watercolor Tattoo Ideas for Females

We hope that these watercolor tattoo ideas for females will also help you come up with your own ideas for beautiful tattoo designs. As tattoo technology improves, it is vital that tattoo artists keep up with the latest techniques like watercolors. The more you know about your craft as a tattoo artist, the easier it will be for you to take your career success to the next level.

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