Exploring the Top Myths About the Tattoo Industry

Tattoo industry. Back of man's arm with tattoo - hammer and skull

Over the years, those interested in getting tattoos have always had to fight back against the many myths surrounding tattoo culture. For example, they were told time and time again that they wouldn’t ever be able to get good jobs with tattoos.

Thankfully, many of these myths have since been busted. This recent report suggested that getting a tattoo might actually help you get a job as opposed to holding you back from obtaining one.

But unfortunately, there are still a few myths surrounding the tattoo industry and, more specifically, the tattoo artists that work in it. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a tattoo machine and working in one of the country’s many tattoo parlors, you should learn the truth behind these myths.

Let’s explore some of the top myths about the tattoo industry and look to bust them below.

Myth: Tattoo Artists Don’t Need Special Skills

Just about anyone can jump online and buy a tattoo machine these days. These machines are readily available on a variety of websites.

But simply buying a tattoo machine and putting it to good use isn’t automatically going to make you a tattoo artist. There are special skills that you’re going to need to have to cut it in the tattoo industry.

Tattooing is an art form, so you will need to be a great artist from the start. You’ll also need to be able to communicate clearly with clients so that you’re able to take the ideas they have for tattoo designs and bring them to life.

If you don’t have these skills, you’re going to have a tough time working as a tattoo artist for very long. You’ll need to make sure you either have these skills or work to develop them before doing anything else.

Myth: Tattoo Artists Don’t Need Formal Training

You’re going to need to have more than just the special skills that we just mentioned to work as a tattoo artist. You’re also going to have to obtain formal training to begin working as a tattoo artist.

Ideally, you’ll want to attend a tattoo school like Florida Tattoo Academy to learn the things you’ll need to know to start your tattooing career. A school like this will provide you with the proper training so that you know what you’re doing when you pick up a tattoo gun.

You’ll also need to use your formal training to get properly licensed in your specific state. You could get yourself into a whole lot of trouble if you start working as a tattoo artist in your state without getting a license to make yourself legit.

Myth: Tattoo Artists Must Look Mean and Scary

When you close your eyes and picture a tattoo artist in your head, what comes to mind? Many people envision a big, burly, biker gang-type of guy who is covered in tattoos himself.

But this is a stereotype. Today, there are more than 40,000 tattoo artists in the tattoo industry. There are male, female, and non-binary tattoo artists providing people with the tattoos that they’re looking for.

This means that it doesn’t matter what you look like or what kind of personality you have. As long as you have the willingness to learn everything you’ll need to know, you can make it as a tattoo artist if you want to.

Myth: Tattoo Artists Can’t Carve Out Successful Careers

When you tell people that you have an interest in getting a job within the tattoo industry, they might scoff at the idea. For many years, the thought has been that working as a tattoo artist isn’t going to provide you with a “real” career.

But the truth is that you can carve out a successful career as a tattoo artist. The average tattoo artist makes somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000 each year—and you’ll have the opportunity to make even more than that based on your work ethic.

Working as a tattoo artist isn’t going to be like working a regular 9-to-5 job. You’ll be able to take on as many clients as you want each week. It could put you in a position to make way more than $50,000 every year.

After you have enough experience under your belt, you might also want to look into opening up your own tattoo parlor. Doing that could put you in a position to make even more money than you could have ever imagined.

Myth: Tattoo Artists Struggle to Find Jobs in a Saturated Industry

As we alluded to a few moments ago, there isn’t any shortage of tattoo artists working within the tattoo industry right now. There are tens of thousands of tattoo artists already, and that number seemingly increases every year.

Because of this, there is this myth that new tattoo artists will struggle to find jobs with the tattoo industry being too saturated with artists as is. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, more people are getting tattoos these days than ever before. As a result, the demand for tattoo artists has gone up pretty much all across the country.

With the stigma that once surrounded tattoos almost completely gone, the number of people who are getting them is on the rise. That should help you stay employed for many years to come.

Once you’ve taken the right steps to become a tattoo artist, you shouldn’t have any issues jumpstarting your career. You’ll also have the chance to set yourself apart from the pack by constantly working to improve your skills.

Myth: Tattoo Artists Work Dangerous Jobs

Once upon a time, the tattoo industry as a whole wasn’t quite as regulated as it probably should have been. There weren’t always rules and regulations regarding which tattoo equipment needed to be used and what precautions tattoo parlors had to take to keep tattoo artists and those getting tattoos safe.

But over time, this has obviously changed. Nowadays, every tattoo parlor and each tattoo artist working at it has to take the proper steps when tattooing someone. You’ll learn all about how to tattoo a person safely when you’re still in tattoo school.

All of this has helped to make working as a tattoo artist so much safer for those within the tattoo industry. You won’t have to be too worried about putting your health at risk every time you pick up a tattoo gun and get to work.

Myth: All Tattoo Artists Are the Same

As a tattoo artist, you aren’t going to be able to do much to bust each of the myths listed here. But you will be able to retain some control over this myth, and you can actively work to take it down.

Some people are under the impression that all tattoo artists within the tattoo industry are pretty much the same. But as you and your fellow tattoo artists know, this is so far removed from the truth that it isn’t even funny.

Not all tattoo artists go to the same tattoo schools. They also don’t all work as apprentices under the same people. And they definitely don’t all take an interest in doing the same types of tattoos.

Thanks to each of these things, every tattoo artist is a little different in how they approach their craft. As a tattoo artist, it’s going to be up to you to embrace this and let people know what you can bring to the table.

You can start by signing up for courses at Florida Tattoo Academy. It’ll enable you to learn the things that you’ll need to know to differentiate yourself from other tattoo artists.

We’ll also give you the chance to start crafting your own unique tattooing style. By the time you’re finished with tattoo school, you’ll know for a fact that you aren’t like all the other tattoo artists out there. You’ll be working to shoot this myth down once and for all.

Don’t Buy Into These Myths About the Tattoo Industry

Many of the myths about the tattoo industry that we’ve included here have been around for decades now. They aren’t going to just disappear overnight.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to let them stop you from securing a career within the tattoo industry. Florida Tattoo Academy can help you obtain the skills you’ll need to make it as a successful tattoo artist.

Would you like to get more information on our tattoo school? Contact us now to speak with someone about our courses.