Florida Tattoo Laws

florida tattoo laws

In every state, laws are different for tattoo artists.

To get your license as a tattoo artist in Florida, you need to submit the following:

At the Florida Tattoo Academy, we go over all the Florida tattoo laws and assist all our students in getting the required Tattoo license to operate in the state of Florida.

If you are coming from another state we will also help you obtain that license to tattoo when you get home. Many artists travel around the country doing tattoos and it is very easy to get that license in additional states.

The key to being a successful tattoo artist comes down to the ability to deliver tattoos that exceed your customer’s expectations. At Florida Tattoo Academy we feel getting licensed is easy. The real benefit of our school is that we provide you with 200 hours of hands-on working with a top-quality instructor that is only focused on you. Making sure you are given the foundation to be whatever level of artist you want to be. For some, this may be doing one or two tattoos a year. Others may be making a career and traveling, letting the entire world see their art.

If you are planning to open your own tattoo studio it is highly recommended that you not only follow these rules but in addition to having a mentor or study with a previous shop owner. So many businesses go out of business not because they were not good but because they did not know how to interact with the client.

At Florida Tattoo academy we personally go over how to interact with the clients at the end of every course. This training is essential to help ensure the success of your tattoo career and your new business. If you have any questions about becoming an artist or the rules once you are open please reach out to us. We are glad to answer any questions.