Marketing a Tattoo Business: Why a Tattoo Artist Certification Matters

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Statistics show that there are over 6,300 tattoo artists currently employed in the US. The average tattoo artist’s salary is $51,867, although that doesn’t include managers.

If you want to open up a tattoo business, there are certain things that you need. One of these things is tattoo artist certification to prepare you for this work.

Opening a tattoo business is much more complicated than simply working as an artist. That is why it is important to set yourself up for success with the right education.

Keep reading to find out why you need a tattoo artist certification when opening a business.

What Is Tattoo Artist Certification?

Owning a tattoo business is a dream that many tattoo artists have. The good news is that this is something that is very possible with the right steps.

Something many artists forget about is that they need the right education. Even if you already have tattoo skills, you need to showcase your expertise in this area.

The best way to do this is to get tattoo artist certification from a reputable source. The Florida Tattoo Academy offers an extensive essential tattoo course so you can get the certification.

Here are the things you will learn when you take this essential course.

The Background

The first week of taking this course is going to be about the history of tattooing. You will learn about the ancient practices of tattooing and how it became what it is today.

You will also learn about the different skin modification trends and practices. This includes how modern electric tattooing came to be.

These are things that every tattoo artist should understand before starting out. The art of tattooing has been around for centuries and will give you more respect for the practice.

Every week of the course is going to discuss different aspects of tattooing. Because of this, you’re guaranteed to get a thorough understanding of tattooing basics.

The Art of Tattooing

Every tattoo artist needs to take the time to study different kinds of tattoos. The second week of this essential tattoo course will discuss this very topic.

You will be exposed to the different styles of tattoos and where they came from. This includes tattoo styles from different eras and different cultures.

This is a great opportunity to figure out what styles stand out to you. Every tattoo artist needs to have their own style, and you can take inspiration from other examples.

You will also learn about tattoo placement on the skin. This is a very important skill that will help you later on in your career.

Best Practices

The third week of this tattoo course is extremely important for your business. This is because the best practices of tattooing are going to be covered.

Many of the best practices of tattooing include all of the hygienic aspects. This includes cross-contamination, sanitation, and studio safety.

These are aspects that you will use for your entire tattooing career. You will know how to maintain a safe and clean business that your future clients can trust.

This aspect of the course will also provide you with blood-borne pathogen certifications you will need later.

The Science

Certification is very important when it comes to standing out in the business world. But the most important aspect is that it provides you with the necessary education.

One aspect of this course is going to cover machine technology and skin biology. These are things that you need to know to become a successful tattoo artist.

In this part of the course, you will learn about skin health and reducing trauma when tattooing. This includes creating tattoos that heal well and learning about possible skin issues.

The machine technology aspect will teach you about the equipment you’ll be working with. This includes how to build and break down the machines and use them when tattooing.

Practical Tattooing

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, you can begin the fun part of the course. Week five is going to be discussing practical tattoo skills.

These skills include basic line and shading techniques with tattoo ink. You will begin by practicing on grapefruit and moving on to synthetic skins.

This is extremely valuable for tattoo artists who are just starting out. This may be the first time you have gotten to actually practice with tattoo equipment.

You will also learn about ink distribution and the optimal depth when tattooing. These are all skills that will help you to create better tattoos and refine your style.

Practicing Skills

Possibly the most important aspect of tattooing is practicing your art. One week of this course is going to be dedicated completely to that aspect.

You are going to be encouraged to use your original art to create your tattoos. You have the opportunity to set up your station and break it down in a professional manner.

Students also have the opportunity to learn about consultation skills and time management. This week also covers the basic principles of color shading and color values.

All these things will help you to create better tattoos that look more professional. You can also interact more professionally with clients.

Shop Life

After you get tattoo artist certification, you probably want to start your business. Running a business and creating tattoos are two very different skill sets.

This is why the Florida Tattoo Academy has a week that covers shop life. This will instruct you on customer service and basic shop management.

You will also learn about tattoo pricing and maintaining the right documentation. These are all things you need to understand to run a tattoo business successfully.

Students also have the opportunity to practice on pig skin before their final exam. This provides a very realistic alternative to human skin when tattooing.

Consultations and Responsibility

One of the many aspects of running a tattoo business is interacting with clients. Week eight and week nine are going to cover consultations and responsibilities.

Your license training begins by understanding how consultations work. You will learn how to conduct a professional consultation so you can provide what is wanted.

This includes honing your listening and communication skills. You will also learn about your artist’s responsibility as a tattoo artist.

This includes the ethics and artistry behind tattooing and customer care.

Client Care and Marketing

There are several steps involved when it comes to tattooing people. The main step is creating the tattoo itself after the consultation process.

This course will also touch on client care after the tattoo is created. This includes making touchups and providing aftercare.

Self-marketing techniques will also be discussed to prepare you for the business aspect. This is very important since marketing will be how you find your first clients.

General Business Management

The very last part of this course is going to be Week 11. During this week, you’ll learn more information about running a successful tattoo shop.

This includes maintaining high-quality customer service for your clients. The basics of business management are also discussed for your future career path.

Why Does It Matter?

Tattoo artist certification is considered to be a necessity for tattoo artists. This is especially true if you are interested in owning a tattoo business.

But you still may be wondering why tattoo certification is so important. After all, a lot of tattooing skills come from practicing and understanding this art form.

Here are some examples of why tattoo certification is essential for your business.

Increases Professionalism

Having a tattoo artist certification immediately makes you stand out. This is especially true if you are in an area that has many tattoo shops.

This is going to increase how professional you come across and how trustworthy you are. Clients are more likely to go to you than someone who isn’t certified.

You can use your certification as a marketing tactic to showcase your skills. This helps to set clients at ease and gives you more confidence.

Improves Skill Set

Learning how to tattoo is quite the process for artists. Unlike other art forms, tattooing requires very specific tools and skills.

A lot of aspiring tattoo artists struggle to get actual tattoo experience. This is because you may not own the equipment or have access to skin alternatives.

Tattoo certification provides you with real-life practice with all of these things. You will get a feel for how real tattooing is and how to perfect your skills.

This is absolutely vital before you ever take on your first client. It helps to improve your confidence and enhances your personal tattoo style.

Prepares You for Business

The business side of tattooing is very different from the artist side. This is where many tattoo artists go wrong if they aren’t properly prepared.

Tattoo certification doesn’t just cover the aspects of tattooing you need to know. It also helps instruct you on how to run a tattoo shop and manage clients.

This is going to be invaluable as you will be wearing many different hats. It is especially useful when you are starting out and will most likely be managing everything yourself.

How to Get Tattoo Certification

If you want tattoo artist certification, this is quite easy to get. The main thing is that you need to have financing to cover this extensive course.

The Florida Tattoo Academy provides an affordable option for the amount of information. It provides an essential tattoo course that is 11 weeks long.

This Academy has also started to take on students nationally instead of only in Florida. To begin this process, you need to get in contact with the Academy to give them your information.

You can request a school information packet to understand this Academy better. You can also schedule a school tour to decide if this is the right fit for you.

After completing the 11-week course, you’ll take an exam to get your certification.

Other Ways to Market Your Tattoo Business

One of the most important parts of owning a tattoo business is marketing it. No matter what business you go into, you have to find clients in some way.

The best way to do this is to market your skills as a tattoo artist. Certification helps with this, but there are other options you should try as well.

You should be active on social media, showcasing your tattoo skills. This brightens your reach and personalizes your brand.

It is also important to really hone your personal style to create a portfolio. A lot of people choose artists because they like the style of tattoos they create.

This will determine your clientele and how popular your tattoos are. When you start getting clients, it is also important to encourage referrals.

A lot of tattoo artists market by word of mouth from clients who are happy with the work. This provides organic client growth that doesn’t require extra effort on your part.

You may also want to consider traditional marketing forms like ads, posters, and banners.

Tattoo Artist Certification: Why You Need It

If you want to open a tattoo business, you need to take the necessary steps. One of these steps is to get a tattoo artist certification.

This certification is going to help you hone your skills in tattooing and business management. It will also show clients that you know what you are doing and are reliable.

Are you interested in becoming a tattoo artist? Contact us today at Florida Tattoo Academy to request an information packet.