Student tattoos can be a great way to assist an upcoming tattoo artist that is looking for local clientele to work on to perfect their craft as they grow their skillset. On this page we answer the most common questions and give you the opportunity to join our student tattoo waitlist at Florida Tattoo Academy.

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Student Tattoo Waitlist

Can a Tattoo Artist in Training Give Me a Good Tattoo?

The answer to this really depends on the student and/or apprentice and where they are at in their training. At Florida Tattoo Academy, we only accept students that have strong artistic skills and the desire to learn how to transfer their artistic talent to human skin. When they reach the point of needing to practice on human skin they have been through several hundred hours of practice and are at the point of building their portfolios for their start in the industry.

In the course of performing their tattoos, our students have already started working in most cases on their colleagues and fellow students and will have several samples of work for you to look at and feel comfortable as to where their level of art is currently at. They will also have dozens of pages of “flash sheets” (tattoo designs) for you to pick from for your personal tattoo.

Will There be Somone Overseeing the Student as They Tattoo?

Yes, at Florida Tattoo Academy we always have one of our award-winning state licensed tattoo instructors present when the students are working on their clientele.

How Much do Student Tattoos Cost?

Typically, an apprentice or a graduated student’s tattoos will save you about 50% off the cost of an average tattoo by an experienced tattoo artist. Anywhere from $50 – $100 would be a normal price to pay per tattoo when they first start off. When you get a tattoo by a student at Florida Tattoo Academy you are getting a FREE tattoo as a thank you(!) by the student to help them build their portfolio.