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Student Tattoos

student tattoos

Student tattoos can be an inexpensive way to get a tattoo because of the experience of a tattoo artist, so are a few questions that most people ask when interested in student tattoos. On this page we answer the most common questions and give you the opportunity to join our student tattoo wait list at Florida Tattoo Academy.

Student Tattoo Waitlist

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Can a student tattoo artist really give me a good tattoo?

The answer to this really depends on the student. At Florida Tattoo Academy, we only accept students that have strong artistic skills. We do this to ensure that when we are done showing them how to work the tattoo machine they can take their artistic talent and transfer it to human skin.

Working a paint brush or working a tattoo machine is very similar for a well-trained artist. We spend over 200 hours teaching our students before they are able to work on human skin. The student also will first start working in most cases on their colleagues and fellow students. Tattoo artists love getting tattoos and we will often have a line for students wanting to get worked on.

At Florida Tattoo Academy we have one of our state licensed tattoo teachers present when the students are working on customers. So you will in many cases get a better tattoo from a student than many of the local shops since you have a well-trained student under supervision of a master tattooist.  

Remember, an artist is good based on how good they are creatively.  Learning to use another artistic device can be trained fairly easily and that is all we are doing at Florida Tattoo Academy and 200 hours is more than enough time to take a great artist and make them a great tattoo artist.

How do I pick the right student to do my tattoo?

This is a question that many customers forget to ask. You want to make sure when you are working with an artist that you can relate to that artist.  Getting a tattoo is a hands-on process and depending on the size it can take hours to get a good tattoo.

The first step when selecting a tattoo artist is to look at the portfolio they have. What do their drawling’s look like? Make sure that they have general artistic talent.

Next, have them sketch out your vision so you know that you are on the same page. Getting a good sketch will really help to make sure that they are correct student to preform your tattoo. If the artist is not able to take your vision and get it onto paper you may have a lot of trouble getting the right tattoo.  

How much do student tattoos cost?

Typically a student tattoos will save you about 50% off the cost of an average tattoo. Now, not all student tattoos are the same. When you get a tattoo by a student at Florida Tattoo Academy you are getting a licensed and trained artist working on your skin. This artist will also be supervised by a master level trained teacher. The cost of the tattoo is normally split between a shop cost for the ink and general overhead and a tip to the student. Do not forget to tip the student if your new tattoo looks amazing!

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