Spooky Tattoo Ideas for People Who Love Halloween

spooky tattoo ideas

Did you know that 9% of Americans say Halloween is their favorite holiday? That might not sound like much, but this makes it the 3rd most favorite holiday out of them all!

If you’re one of the 9%, then you might want to show off your love for Halloween. A fantastic way to do this is by getting some ink.

But what images should you get tattooed on you that you can be proud of for life?

If you need some inspiration, then you’re in luck. Read on for some great spooky tattoo ideas to get!

Black Cats

Black cats are one of the most well-known symbols of Halloween, so why not start here?

This can be a simple design to get tattooed on you, so you won’t have to sit for hours upon hours. That is, unless you want to! In that case, you can get a carefully detailed black cat that’ll look so real, people will think there’s a cat sitting on you.

The fact is, there are many directions you can go with black cats. Whether it’s a simple silhouette, a cartoon-style cat, or a detailed and realistic-looking feline, you can’t go wrong with this idea if you want something spooky yet fun.


Witches are another thing people associate with Halloween, so it’s also great for a spooky design.

Again, you can go cartoony or realistic, depending on what your style’s like. You can also combine a witch with a black cat companion, or perhaps a bubbling cauldron full of mysterious liquids.

You can let your imagination go wild here and create a Halloween-y scene!


For those who want to get a small tattoo, bats are ideal, as far as spooky tattoo ideas go. A silhouette of one or several bats stretching across your arm, torso, leg, etc. can add a nice touch that’ll have you thinking of Halloween all year long whenever you look at your tattoo(s).

You can also have your tattoo artist create a large piece with larger-than-life details on a scary-looking bat. Again, it’s worth exploring what aesthetic you like and having a pro sketch it out for a better idea.


An iconic orange gourd that pretty much represents Halloween, the jack-o’-lantern is a highly customizable tattoo idea. You can opt for a traditional and simple face on yours, or come up with a more elaborate look.

You can choose to have just one as your tattoo or many to fill up some more space. You can also nix the background so the main focus is on your jack-o’-lanterns or pick a cool scene to make it a full back piece or something like that.


Zombies are definitely spooky, especially since they’re the undead and feast upon brains and other body parts. Getting a crowd of zombies tatted across your body is one of the best ways to show your love for Halloween since it’ll entail some gore.

Depending on how gory you want things to be, you can simply get a tough-looking zombie inked, or you can go full out and have a Walking Dead-type scene where there are tons of zombies tearing apart their victims. Here, you can have entrails and blood splashed out across your skin.


Looking for another iconic Halloween symbol? Then think about getting a vampire or two tattooed on you.

Now, you can just go with a generic vampire tattoo or you can get some famous ones inked, such as Dracula or Lestat. These ideas can combine your love of Halloween with films!

You can also get a few bats tattooed around your vampires. Or you can even depict a vampire changing into a bat, or vice versa!


Adding ghosts to any tattoo will certainly up the spookiness factor. Like with many of the other tattoo ideas on this list, you can get a simple, cartoony ghost silhouette inked or you can go with more realistic-looking ghosts that can either creep people out or make them admire the etherealness of them.

Because ghosts are done in lighter shades of ink, it’ll be very easy to add other ideas to this tattoo idea, such as a jack-o’-lantern, black cat, or bat. So if you wanted a fuller tattoo, these are some ideas to consider.

Frankenstein’s Monster

A tattoo of Frankenstein’s monster can be ideal if you’ve read the book and adore it. Not only can this monster give your skin a scarier, spookier look, but it’ll also express your passion for the literary form he came from.

While the monster can look fantastic on his own, you can also have your tattoo artist create a laboratory scene that involves Victor Frankenstein!

Graveyard Scene

Last, but not least, think about getting a graveyard scene to tie all the above ideas together. Have a witch, bats, and ghosts flying across the sky, several zombies walking the graveyard, a black cat hiding behind a tree, vampires stealthily preying on victims in the dark, and jack-o’-lanterns illuminating the tombstones.

Doesn’t the above sound like the ultimate Halloween tattoo?

Use These Spooky Tattoo Ideas

Now that you have some great spooky tattoo ideas, you’ll have many choices when you want to get some ink. From black cats and bats to jack-o-lanterns, vampires, and ghosts, there are plenty of ways you can show the world just how much you love Halloween!

So get in touch with your local tattoo artist, discuss your ideas with them, and make an appointment to get tattooed. You’ll be so happy once you bring your visions to life!

If these tattoo ideas have you inspired and you’re interested in a tattoo artist career, then request some information about tattoo school from us now. We’ll teach you how to tattoo and even find a tattoo apprenticeship!