How to Develop Personal Drawing Styles

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Statistics show that there are currently 6,382 tattoo artists employed in the US. The tattoo field is very creative and allows many to do what they love most, create art.

If you want to become a tattoo artist, you need to know how to draw. Drawing well is a skill every tattoo artist needs, but it isn’t always enough.

You also need to focus on different drawing styles to develop your style. This guide will help you understand how to find your style of art.

Keep reading to find out what drawing styles you fall into.

What Art Styles Are There?

Do you want to become a tattoo artist? If so, you need to develop style when it comes to how you draw.

Having artistic skills is important, but your art needs to stand out as well. Most people get tattoos because they want something unique and eye-catching.

The first place to start is by looking at the different drawing styles available. From there, you could actually begin figuring out what style you lean toward.

Comic Art

The art you like is going to directly impact your own art. A very popular type of art is comic art or cartoon art.

This style of art is pretty self-explanatory, and you have probably already seen it. It is not realistic, but it has a lot of room for adding personality and humor.

Keep in mind that not everyone is going to want a tattoo in a comic style.

Line Art

There are certain drawing styles that are very suitable for tattoos. One example of this is line art, which is highly detailed.

Line art is realistic with a unique way of adding shading and features. The entire artwork is comprised of lines, creating a realistic image that is not hyperrealistic.


There are some art styles that are still a bit new to most people. Dotwork is an example of this since a lot of people still don’t know about it.

Dotwork uses tiny dots to create different images with a lot of shading. Sometimes it is combined with line art so that the image has more structure.

This is a very popular option for tattoos since it is minimal and has a balanced appearance.


Most people have a style of art that they enjoy more. A lot of tattoo artists tend to have a surrealist or fantasy style of drawing.

This style is very fluid and has a lot of room for creativity. It is very whimsical and creative, with different elements and lines that create movement.

Surrealism is often quite realistic but not in the traditional way. It has a lot of detail, but the images are not usually of anything from real life.


A lot of people aspire to have realistic drawing styles. An example of this is hyperrealism or photorealism, both very detailed and picturesque.

These styles use real-life examples to create the most realistic drawing. For instance, a tattoo artist may use a photo of someone to create your tattoo.

This is one of the most complicated drawing styles to master for most.

How Do You Create Art That Is Unique?

To develop a style, there are certain things you need to do as an artist. The reality is that many artists are born with a measure of natural talent.

But talent can only take you so far in the art world. Understanding how to draw is going to help your art when it comes to standing out.

Here are the steps you need to take to develop artistic style if you want to become a tattoo artist.

View Art

To develop an art style, you have to view different works of art. This is the basic step that everyone starts with when they want to improve their skills.

Visually seeing different forms of art is a great way to get inspiration. You can break down different art forms to understand what makes them appealing.

Some resources to use include books, museums, and online resources. Don’t limit the drawing styles you view.

It’s important to expose yourself to as big a variety as possible. You don’t know what you like until you see everything that is out there.

If certain styles stand out to you, this could be a good sign that you are going in the right direction.

Find What You Like

A lot of artists started by admiring other people’s work. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to taking inspiration from others.

Some artists are very protective of their art and fear being copied. The reality is that there are very few completely unique works left in the world.

Most artists have been influenced by one person or another. That is why there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other types of art.

For example, you may particularly admire certain artists. These artists can help you develop drawing styles that represents you as an individual.

Even experts recommend compiling all the artists you admire. Look at their art and figure out what it is that stands out to you.

Take those key features and apply them to your own art style. You aren’t copying other’s art, you are using it as an influence to create something unique.

Start Doodling

Getting inspired by different drawing styles is the first step. But the next step is going to be actually taking action and drawing.

What are the best ways to improve at drawing is to start doodling. This is when you sit down, and you start to draw without any real plan or vision.

Doodling is carefree and allows you to go with your instincts. You are also improving your hand and eye coordination, creating without overthinking.

When you doodle, you are secretly revealing your personal style of art. For some people, this is very comical and exaggerated.

For others, their art style may be abstract or highly detailed. A lot of artists also take inspiration from their doodles and turn them into actual pieces of art.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or creatively stumped, this is a great place to start.

Make Art a Habit

There are a lot of people in the world who enjoy drawing, but it never takes off. The difference between these people and artists is that artists practice.

If you want to become better and find your style, you have to make it a habit. To develop an artistic style, try drawing every day, even if it’s just doodling.

A very important habit is to draw the same thing over and over. For instance, you may like a certain character in a movie or show.

Draw this character every day until you start to create something unique. Repetition eventually encourages personalization, allowing you to find your style.

Drawing daily also helps to improve your basic drawing skills. Your lines will become cleaner, and you will have a better eye for important details.

Something people don’t realize is that drawing more also increases your inspiration. If you aren’t feeling inspired, draw anyway.

Try Different Styles

A lot of artists start off by copying what they see others doing. There is nothing wrong with us since it is the natural process of learning how to draw.

But as you progress, you need to start developing your own style. One way to do this is by trying out different styles.

Make a list of all the art styles you enjoy looking at and go from there. You may eventually find that one of the styles clicks the minute you start to use it.

This does not mean you are copying a particular artist or style. Everyone puts their own spin on different styles, and you will eventually do this as well.

Try Drawing Without Inspiration

Becoming an artist can feel intimidating to most people. You may not have a lot of confidence in your drawing style or taste.

When you are practicing, it is important to start drawing without references. It is too easy to copy another piece of work if you are using it as direct inspiration.

One example of this is drawing an animated character from a photo you have. This is good practice, but it isn’t going to help you create something unique and solely your own.

To really grow as an artist, you have to draw what is in your head. Think of a completely different character and create them on paper.

Drawing without direct inspiration is a great way to ensure you aren’t copying references. It is also a good skill to have since you may not always have something to take inspiration from.

Take Classes

Some people struggle to learn how to draw on their own. If this sounds like you, it may be especially hard to develop a specific art style.

The good news is that there are plenty of resources available for artists. You can take courses and classes to develop more refined art skills.

This is especially important if you want to become a tattoo artist. Creating tattoos is a big responsibility, and you need the skills to back that up.

Tattoo artists are also required to have certain certifications to legally tattoo. The Florida Tattoo Academy is a great place to find tattoo courses.

The essential tattoo course covers everything from drawing to the specifics of tattooing. If this is a career path you are serious about, this is a course you definitely need to take.

It is also important that you utilize free drawing resources as well. For instance, you could find books on drawing at the library or articles online.

Some online resources may also provide free classes you can attend.

See What Others Think

Creating art can put you in a vulnerable position if you don’t have a lot of confidence. To grow as an artist, you need to be open to criticism and other people’s opinions.

That is why it’s important to show your art to friends and family. This is a great place to start since they won’t be as harsh as many strangers would be.

They may be able to point out areas of improvement that you didn’t even notice. As you improve, you need to open yourself up to even more criticism.

One of the best ways to do this is to start posting online. A lot of artists began by sharing their art online through social media.

Not only does this connect you with other artists, but it also connects you with art lovers. Sharing your art can help build your confidence and teach you how to accept criticism.

No matter how good your art becomes, there are always going to be critics. It’s important to put yourself out there and develop a thicker skin.

You never know, sharing your art could also lead to opportunities in the future.

Drawing Styles: Finding Your Style of Artwork

If you want to become a tattoo artist, you need to improve your art. Not only do you need to know how to draw, but you also need to develop a style.

You can use different drawing styles to help influence your own art taste. It’s also important to start doodling and drawing without any references.

The main tip to follow is to draw as much as you can and see where inspiration takes you.

Are you interested in improving your art and becoming a tattoo artist? Contact us today at Florida Tattoo Academy to schedule a school tour.