cat tattoo designs

Do you like the witch or witchcraft aesthetic?

Getting a tattoo is an excellent way to express your values or beliefs. At least a million Americans identify as Wicca or Pagan. One of the many ways to show it is through a tattoo.

Below, we look at various cat tattoo designs to use as inspiration. These ideas are applicable, regardless of the number of tattoos you already have. Read on and get your ink soon.

1. Simple Linework Cat Tattoos

Linework tattoos are simple designs often using clean, thick, or thin lines. Your cat tattoo can be a simple outline of a cat or a geometric cat tattoo.

You do not need gradations or shading for this tattoo. It often fits tattoo design ideas closer to 2D images. You can get a linework design suggesting a 3D image as long as you work with a professional.

This art style is the best if you want a clean or simple tattoo. Some linework tattoo ideas include lines showing a stretching, sleeping, or walking cat. You can also use complex lines to form the geometric image of a cat with no set outline.

2. Double Exposure Cat Tattoo Designs

If you look online for tattoo ideas, you come across the double exposure tattoo idea. Give this idea a unique witch-focused twist. Put an element with the outline of a cat for your tattoo design instead.

For example, you pick the silhouette of a cat walking and a horizon of a conifer forest. You can also get a tattoo of the crescent moon hanging above a small hut in the silhouette of a sitting cat. Be creative with your desired witch imagery.

Since it’s a double exposure, you can either go full-blast on color or keep it black and white. Watercolor tattoos look pretty, but black and white ones last longer. Look for local tattoo artists near you with expertise on how to tattoo double exposure images. 

3. Minimalist Cat Tattoos

Minimalist cat tattoo designs are great for people trying to avoid the pain of getting inked. After all, they are smaller and much simpler, meaning the needle will not stay on your skin for long. A minimalist tattoo is also faster to finish because of its simplicity.

Getting a high-quality minimalist cat tattoo means finding the right artist. Also, consider hiring a non-tattoo-focused artist to create a minimalist tattoo design. Pay extra attention to ensure it fits your desires.

Minimalist designs can be simple but have more complex elements. For example, your future tattoo could look like a cute black cat at first glance. At a closer inspection, it could also reveal a Wiccan symbol. 

Another benefit of getting a minimalist tattoo is the lower price tag. However, hiring an artist to create a design can cost you. It is cheaper when you already have a tattoo design in mind.

4. Black and Bold Cat Tattoos

All tattoo designs discussed earlier are simple and can work without using too much ink. However, if you want a full-blown sleeve, consider getting more ink on your skin. Black ink is the traditional and most common ink used for tattooing. 

Black ink fits any skin color, tone, and shade. Unlike more popular ink colors, black will stand out more on your skin. It also remains consistent as time passes, unlike other colors since they will look more noticeably faded over time.

Most people agree black cats are witch familiars. Some even believe these creatures are witches in shapeshifted form. Regardless of how you want to interpret your tattoo, a solid tattoo will convey your message better.

Over 13% of American women have tattoos, meaning the stigma of this body art is not as prevalent. Your tattoo can be as simple as a black cat silhouette. It can also be a solid black semicolon with a cat’s head instead of the typical dot.

5. Realistic Cat Tattoo Designs

Get a realistic tattoo when you want something more expansive. It is also an excellent tattoo art style for witches with a pet cat. Unlike linework tattoos, realism has minimal line work but more gradual shading. 

A photorealistic tattoo takes longer to finish since it needs more care from the artist. Remember, light shading can fade more. If you want to keep your realistic cat tattoo for many years, take good care of it.

6. Cat and Wicca Symbol Tattoo Design Idea

Do you want to show off your Wiccan beliefs and love of black cats? Combine these design elements to create a beautiful tattoo. The witchcraft or Wiccan component can be any of the following:

  • Alchemical symbols
  • Pagan symbols
  • The moon
  • Wiccan symbols
  • The triquetra or Celtic knot

Use these symbols with a cat image for your tattoo. You can also look online for inspiration and ideas. Never forget to get a reputable tattoo artist who can fulfill your feline and Wiccan tattoo dream, too.

7. Become a Tattoo Artist to Get Your Ideal Cat Tattoo

If you end up enjoying the witch or cat tattoo design process, consider a tattoo artist career. Colleges and schools for tattooing are great solutions to kickstart your work. You can learn to tattoo and get the proper training to become a professional.

Going to tattoo school is an excellent way to express your beliefs while helping others with theirs. Plus, you could become the go-to tattoo artist of other Wicca enthusiasts in your area. 

Get Your Unique Cat Tattoo Now

We hope you enjoyed reading about unique cat tattoo designs. These are simple yet compelling tattoos to express your beliefs and express yourself.

Do you not like these designs? Consider creating the perfect tattoo on your own. However, studying the ins and outs of a tattoo artist career will take time and patience.

Are you thinking of getting a career as a tattoo artist or tattoo designer now? Attend our tattoo school today. Get in touch with us through our contact page.